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True Lyes Handcrafted Soaps and Cosmetics
Surrender your senses. Relax your mind. Rejuvenate your body. Replenish your soul.

Voted The Best Natural Bath & Body Boutique!

Retail Hours

Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Friday and Saturday, 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM 

CLOSED: Sunday, Monday and Wednesday

NEW!! Location Address:  Merchants Crossing Plaza 15201 N Cleveland Ave. Ste 930, North Fort Myers, FL 33903 

Phone: 239-574-5253

True Lyes are wonderfully pure and natural soaps made the old fashion way, free of harmful chemicals, just like my children’s great grandmother, Mimi, used to make. Why? Because your skin is your largest body organ, so why not be true to it?  Our products are made with real - never artificial - ingredients. All of our products are made with skin loving, food grade raw materials - giving more pure, gentle luxury and more clean fun! Notice what makes our products so much more than the other brands: 

Our handcrafted soap company is a family owned, professionally licensed and insured handcrafted soap and cosmetic manufacturing company. Our products help you to help the environment because they are made from scratch with natural ingredients and not with animal fat and detergents. We use only the finest quality milks, natural oils, honey, botanicals, and aroma oils from reputable suppliers. We are a cruelty free manufacturer and do not conduct or commission animal testing. More than that, we do not use any ingredient or formulation that is tested on animals. We will not sacrifice quality for quantity.  We take pride in using only the very best natural ingredients. You will not to have to worry about harmful chemical additives or clogged pores, as with commercial or animal based products. We work hard to ensure that all soaps are superior, rich in emollients and cleaning ability. Yet we understand that depending on the type of oils or combination of oils used in the soap, some soap may offer rich lather and others may offer weaker lather to serve your restorative, therapeutic or soothing needs. 

See the difference? We are family owned, we are licensed and insured, we help the environment, we use natural ingredients from reputable suppliers, we are cruelty free, we make superior products! 

True Lyes soap recipes contain pure essential oils and/or other skin safe and natural aromas. These scents in addition to a variety of organic powders, herbs, spices, flower petals and botanicals are what transforms your bath into a simply wonderfully clean and richly scented experience. Additionally, our soaps are gentle and contain a natural preservative, extending shelf life to a minimum of 24 months. 

Soap Use and Storage tips:
  • Never store soap in sealed plastic boxes or bags and avoid placing soap in direct sunlight
  • Keep your soap where it will not be exposed to extreme shifts in temperature or humidity
  • Store soap in a cool, dry place
  • Soap that sits in the stream of a shower or water will melt away more quickly; therefore, keep your soap dry between uses
  • Cure Dates: Our soaps are perfectly pH balanced; however, the longer you wait; the harder the bar becomes and the longer the bar lasts!
  • True Lyes are not edible and are for external use only
  • True Lyes are real soaps; Avoid eye contact

Now it's time that you had some clean fun - feel the difference with True Lyes!

Retail Store:
15201 N Cleveland Ave Ste 930
North Fort Myers, FL 33903  Phone239-574-5253 Email: 


From Fort Myers/Naples - Go North on US-41 to Merchants Crossing shopping plaza (at the corner of US-41 & Pine Island Road).  We are located in the shopping plaza between AMC Movie Theaters and Subway restaurant. 

From Punta Gorda - Go South on US-41 to Merchants Crossing shopping plaza.  We are located in the shopping plaza between AMC Movie Theaters and Subway restaurant.

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