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True Lyes Body Wash
All Natural Body Wash
Our Price: $9.99

Want to get a natural all over clean from a bottle? Then you should know that our natural liquid body wash is all the roar! Handcrafted with a blend of goat milk, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil and botanical extracts, this mild and gentle body wash cleans your skin without stripping it. Paired with a natural loofah, soap sack or body glove, the gentle lather will wash away the dirt and the soothing oils will naturally nourish skin. This all over wash can be used on the face and body. Choose from our very own special Herbal Oils Body Wash or Fragrance Free Body Wash, so that you may add your own aroma oils. 8 oz.
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morning zest soap
Morning Zest
Our Price: $10.49

What better way is there to wake up than with a citrusy shower of orange and lemon? Our juicy bar is infused with calendula, making it a soapy slice of refreshment. Made with saponified olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, goat milk, jojoba oil, lemongrass, sweet orange, and calendula petals. more info
bel viso soap
Bel Viso
Our Price: $10.49

Carefully blended with the gentlest oils and made especially for the face, this musky-scented soap is crafted to bump-off whiteheads and blackheads. Made with gentle and pure essential oils and butters.
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Castile soap
Our Price: $10.49

Castile is classic. Made with real olive oil and enriched with goat milk and shea butter, it's pure, natural, and fragrance free.

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chocolate soap
Our Price: $10.49

Made with organic cocoa, it's nothing less than sweet seduction. This rich and smooth chocolate bar is one strong, dark, and handsome that will leave your skin craving for more. Made with saponified oils of olive oil, sweet almond oil, sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. more info
Outer Limits Love Me Shaving Soap
Outer Limits Love Me Shaving Soap
Our Price: $15.99

The next big thing in men's shaving - True Lyes Outer Limits Shaving Soap - for men who seek a sleek shave with a smooth finish. Handcrafted with moisture rich Rice Bran oil and butters, Outer Limits offers a thoroughly old time shave for the modern man. True Lyes Outer Limits is surely a fresh, natural shaving alternative to the so-called "cream in a can"

Synergy Aroma - An exhilerating blend of citrus, grapefruit, lemon and lime!
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